Who We Are
We created JumboLogic. We use JumboLogic. We love Jumbologic.
We worked as web developers for many years. We built webapps and websites of all sizes and for all sorts of companies. As we grew and added staff we learned what worked and what didn't work. What helped the most was a structured approach to planning our web/mobile projects. We found that creating specifications - wireframes, sitemaps, flowcharts, etc. and using these to get feedback from customers before construction was vital.

Our clients stayed involved, paid attention, and gave us valuable insights into their needs. Our team stayed on the same page and were able to work faster and more efficiently. Our projects had much higher success rates and we experienced fewer changes downstream.

However there were some major problems. Our use of Office to create these documents was slow and meticulous. Files were everywhere and versions of files had to be sent over and over with every change. This process generated a flood of emails both between our team and our clients. Getting feedback was a tedious affair requiring the full attention of our team. We needed a better method of managing this process and we couldn't find anything out there that handled this process the way it needed to be done.

So we built it. JumboLogic is the culmination of these efforts. It combines the concepts of our development process with definition tools that are fully cloud based and easy for everyone to use and understand.

A few interesting facts:
  • This is the second version of JumboLogic. We used the first version to design the second version.
  • What you see is the tip of the iceberg. We can't wait to share the rest with you.
  • We thought it would take 6 months to build. It ended up taking 2 years.
  • We really enjoy building things and dreaming up new projects. We like cookies too.

Our Team
Eric Chan
CEO, Founder
Greg Wiggleton

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