Jan 14

New Aspect: Dropbox Support! (It’s Free)

Many users of JumboLogic use Dropbox to store files for their projects since they can be easily accessed, edited, and uploaded from their staff’s computers.  We’ve added a Dropbox aspect that will let you do this much easier.

dropbox logo

  • “Bookmark” a folder in your Dropbox account to provide quick access to necessary files for this project.
  • Download from/Upload files to your Dropbox account
  • Users must log in to Dropbox so it still provides security

Jan 14

New Aspect: ContentCub is Released!

The ContentCub aspect is now available on the JumboLogic AppMarket!  This aspect helps streamline the process of collecting content (text, taglines, images, audio, videos, etc.) from your customers.


First, define the pages in your web/mobile app or pull them directly from an interface or sitemap aspect. Second, define what content is needed on each page. Third, add your customer as a collaborator and they will be able to upload content. Once complete you will be able to download all content in one consolidated zip file containing content divided into folders by page.

** Approve or reject content based on stated requirements.
** Save up to 5GB of data per licensed account

Available for $20/month

Jan 14

New Feature: Interface Spanning

We added Interface Snapping a few weeks ago and we’re following that up with Interface Spanning.  If you recall, Interface Snapping helps you snap objects to an edge or corner of its parent.  Interface Spanning lets objects “span” across a parent such as the interface.  This means that objects can size themselves automatically to the width or height (or both) of an interface.

spanThe options for spanning are “Left” – from its current location to the Left border. “Right”.  ”Left & Right” – from its current location to the Left border and Right border”.  ”Top”, “Bottom”, and “Top & Bottom”.

If you use Spanning in conjunction with Snapping you can make more complex interfaces.

Jan 14

Did you know JumboLogic supports multiple monitors?

It sure does!  We use JumboLogic every day and we find it really useful to be able to have multiple windows open at once.  You can copy/paste between windows on interface and flowchart speeding up spec creation and editing.  Keeping multiple windows open for reference purposes is great too since everything in an app is intertwined.

This is a pic of one of the workstations we use at our office.  Neat huh?photo