Nov 13

A tour of JumboLogic by Eric

The tour video is finally up on the JumboLogic website! Check it out!

Our founder, Eric, gives you a tour of JumboLogic and how it can be used on a real project.



Nov 13

A difference in philosophy…

As we’ve been starting to market JumboLogic, we’ve gotten a few recurring questions and I wanted to share with you our thoughts on some of them.

Q: JumboLogic seems to limit me to designing rough interfaces without all the interface interaction and simulation abilities I seem to have with programs like Axure, iRise, etc.
A: Theoretically, if you create a good enough simulation of the interfaces then the customer and your team will fully understand how the interface will work.  In practice this is never the case.  To create a full simulation of your app before you build it is either not possible or will take so long that it is no longer worth it.  Interface designers resort to “and it will do <this>… just use your imagination” and “trust us”.  Some go so far as to quickly program an interface to demonstrate it to a client if they can’t see it.  JumboLogic acknowledges this limitation and gives you what is really useful.

Q: Interfaces made in other programs are prettier!
A: Yep.  This is a planning tool not a graphic design tool.  We found that the graphics limitations of pretty much all interface layout tools hardly ever meets the need of graphic designers.  Clients are left asking the question “Why does it look like that?  I thought it would be better looking?” instead of concentrating on layout and function.  Even if you tell clients that this is just a mockup they have a really hard time getting past how it looks.  With the basic look of JumboLogic interface layouts customers are able to focus on whats important.

Q: Is JumboLogic just another interface layout tool?
A: Nope.  What makes JumboLogic special is it gives you the ability to plan and design more than just the layouts.  Layouts only tell you a sliver of the story – what it looks like.  JumboLogic gives you tools like flowcharts, sitemaps, documents, slideshows, screenshots, image markup, etc. so you can also explain how users will use it, how it interacts with the real world, how it functions, how it evolves, how its laid out, etc.  It’s also the only tool where you can add additional tools that you might need on a particular project via the JumboLogic AppMarket such as for programming planning, marketing planning, etc.

Q: Why say “definition” when JumboLogic lets you creates “requirements”?
A: We feel the term “Requirements” is too formal and tired.  We want users to use JumboLogic to work together to define their apps.  We like how it also means “to make clearer where its not” since this is 9 times out of 10 – a group effort.

Q: Why not use UML tools?
A: In short, UML tools are made for developers.  JumboLogic is made for interaction with customers and the people on your team who don’t know UML but may or could provide valuable insight into a project – in other words – not just developers.

Nov 13

New Marketing Flyers hot off the presses!

As part of our rebranding/redesign we got our marketing flyers redone to match our site design.  We can’t wait to start handing these out.  (It’ll make explaining what JumboLogic does a whole lot easier!)

This is our general flyer:photo 1

This is our sell sheet:photo 2

It’s all starting to come together.  We’re excited!